Life seems to have gotten pretty complicated. Sometimes it helps just to step back and relax. And many of us don't have any idea how powerful it is to just start over. This is what the Breath invites us to do, always. Often we aren't paying attention.

Today we are going to step back and simplify the process that we call LIFE. We are going to compare life, with cooking. Most of us have been totally conditioned to not see how simple life is, so we are going to start over. We are going to use Cooking, as a comparable to "How to Live" - a simple instruction manual to learn a new recipe. Once you learn one recipe, then you will gain confidence to learn another, and another, until you will be a master chef.

In all of my life experiences, spiritual work and research, I have discovered that Desmond Green really has the best recipe to learn first (the first life lessons, or "skill-set"). That recipe, or lesson, is captured in his book The Practice. The concepts, practices, and ideas in The Practice are a skill set. Just like you were learning the basics of cooking. To learn a powerful and transformative Skill-set for your life you very likely will want to start here. So, without further ado, let us start our course.


- Start here. This is your first recipe!