Yesterday I was reading Drunvalo Melchizedek's book "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" and came across the quote about this natural living process that we go through. It relates to the procession of the equinox, which is a 26,000 year cycle. We have been going through a stage of being in a deep sleep, believing we are disconnected from Source. Drunvalo was relaying some information about the time of Jesus 2000 years ago that "people were falling deeper asleep one breath at a time".

We are now well into the awakening stage of this process - just like the natural phases that we observe. But now we are "waking up one breath at a time" - the key is to become conscious of it.

I had another nice conversation with Desmond today. He told of a 60 Minutes program relaying a phenomena where people actually suffer from "face blindness" - they do not have the ability to recognize people after they have interacted with them. This lead Desmond to talk about the cure to "breath blindness".

The solution to all of our feelings of scarcity, and fear resides in our ability to develop a conscious deep breathing skill-set. What is required is a physical/mechanical activity not a philosophical discourse which is easy to get lost in.

Here are other thoughts that flowed from our conversation, as per Desmond's recognizing the process that is playing out, in this world and all creation via the breath.

"Breath consciousness makes life limitless - it is a quantum leap in oneSelf - Self is the universe and all its frequencies that we experience - the elements, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human experience and the angelic realms."

Every time I breathe consciously I find myself. We receive breath registration via re-cognizing our breath. This is a skill-set that the world has been developing for it own unfoldment.

(((((((((((We are Practicing our breath consciousness skill set by sharing it with the rest of our world.)))))))))))