Inside and out I feel good being me
From head to toe I am important and free
As light as a feather
As clear as a thought
I am better than any jewel sold or bought

I accept what I am as equal with all
And need no pedestal from which to dangle or fall
Life has made us all so for time and eternity

I unite earth and heaven by accepting me
And fulfill all conditions to be responsible and free
By feeding my body, my mind and my soul
With a proud sense of self
Sufficient and whole

by Desmond Green

Reverence For Life is achieving and practicing self-consciousness. Reverence For Life is the world’s oldest living social practice. It supports the religious cultures and practices of all people. It is a culture, which recognizes the sanctity of all life and includes everyone irrespective of his or her personal or worldview. It casts no judgment, it throws no blame, and it projects no guilt. Its nature is an OPENESS, which under-girds the evolution of cosmic consciousness through the achievements of self-consciousness.

Reverence For Life is not rooted in dogma. It is a culture based more on practice and observation than on creeds. It is an attitude of honoring life at its deepest levels and in all of its forms. Every aspect of creation has within it its own spark of the Divine Life. Reverence is the acceptance of ourselves as the out picturing of the highest potential of each person’s understanding and is therefore of Divine value.

Through reverence we honor ourselves as we understand our interconnectedness with the entire universe and perceive ourselves as being one with the mineral, plant and animal Kingdoms. An attitude of reverence accepts our lives as sacred and accepts every living creature as being equally sacred. The essence of Reverence For Life is outlined in The Practice of conscious deep breathing, positive self-talk, nutritious diet, a regular exercise habit, clear purpose for living, unconditional self-acceptance and a spirit of generosity.


How many of us have lived for the longest while under the control of our memories and the mental images that dominated our minds. We saw life and developed relationships purely along the lines of what we thought and suspected instead of what we were actually feeling. That is how I too behaved until I was introduced to the practice of breath based relationships.

This new idea opened my eyes to the reality that living in the present is a conscious decision. I was shown how my image based relationships prevented me from getting in touch with myself while keeping me out of touch with others. I was made to see how breathing consciously helped me to face my true feelings as they are happening.

Conscious deep breathing also shattered the host of mental images and screens and chatter which blocked me from hearing other people’s points of view. It is truly amazing to experience the differences between these two outlooks and modes of building relationships. What I do know is that conscious deep breathing has certainly given me a new lease on life. I have now started the most wonderful healing process for myself and my family using this method.

Image Based Relationships

All image based relationships are FEAR BASED
• Keeps you in your head instead of in your heart
• Ties you to experiences that have passed and prevents you from experiencing the NOW moment which offers a fresh start, a new beginning for a
   joyful experience and a chance to build bonds of communication.
• Keeps you from experiencing the Divinity in others
• Image based relationships are based on what you think you see versus what is REAL
• Prevents you from loving unconditionally
• Hampers you from living your own life joyfully while it ties you emotionally to the other person’s appearance, behavior or life style
• Robs you of your power and saps your energy

Breath Based Relationships

All breath based relationships are LIFE AFFIRMING

• Keeps you focused on what is real – the Divine in all of us
• Helps you to be centered in your own reality or breath
• Keeps you feeling from the heart level
• Resolves apparent differences
• Smoothes over rough patches
• Keeps you in love with LIFE and LIVING and more importantly, YOURSELF
• Re-energizes you as it feeds you with the breath fuel from the Divine

How it works
A simple 5-minute is all it takes. Find a quiet area, make yourself as comfortable as possible, close your eyes and begin to breathe consciously and deeply. Inhale through your nostrils, hold each breath to a count of five and then exhale through your mouth slowly until you feel relaxed. Repeat this about ten times.

Allow all of the images, memories and thoughts about yourself and your family to flow freely in and out of your consciousness. At this point, breathe the breath of freedom into them, one by one before releasing them to their fortunes. After about five minutes of this deep breathing cleansing exercise, you will feel at peace with yourself and all of the occupants of your mind.

This practice is yours to use at any time against all unsettling and unwanted feelings, images and thoughts that may choose to approach your mental space. All of your family members, thoughts, self-images and feelings can now enter into your personal space by your invitation only.

This method is so simple yet so effective that even while you are experiencing its benefits of inner peace, freedom from fear and other distresses you will hardly believe it.

Now you can also begin to balance all of your intimate family and social relationships. With this very effective Conscious Deep Breathing practice you can bid a permanent goodbye to image based shallow breathing experiences and their physical, mental and emotional diseases of negative relationships.

• Feast and Play
• Sing and Dance
• Look and Learn
• Live and Love
• Give and Take
• Pass it on
• Forgive and forget
• Trust yourself
• Take your own advice
• Be your own standard
• Love your own company
• Obey your spirit
• Follow your intuition
• Relish your own insights
• Value yourself
• Harbor neither guilt, shame nor blame
• Love yourself passionately

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