More about Desmond Green, the inspiration for the Global Breath Consciousness Institute and Reverence for Life University

Founder of the Reverence For Life Foundation (RFLF) in

Jamaica, W. I., Green successfully implemented this program
in Jamaican penal institutions in 1994. Positive effects of the
RFLF model is evidenced in the rate of recidivism, which was
reduced from 90% in 1995 to 30 % in 2000 as well as the
dramatic reduction in prison violence that continues to be the
report from all institutions.

In 1981 he founded the Family Recognition Committee in
Washington D. C. This organization hosts a week of family
celebrations annually in August. Now headed by Gracie
Rollings, the Family Recognition Committee continues to uphold
family values through its community outreach programs in
Washington D. C.

Desmond Green resides in Hartford, Connecticut where he
lectures on the ‘The Practice,’ his 7-point principles, which he
describes as the life-time practice of Reverence For Life.

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