We are what we eat and drink. It is therefore crystal clear that the kinds of foods that we eat influence both our physical constitution and our emotional wellbeing. 

Enough has been written and said about healthy eating to satisfy all of the concerns and questions anyone may have about the issue. Suffice it is to say that healthy eating and healthy lifestyles go hand in hand. Our interest in eating beneficially is another one of the corner stones of The Practice.

Eating For Good Health
Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables - whole wheat products - brown, unpolished rice - honey, molasses - cereals from banana, plantain, corn, etc. - herbal teas - fresh fruit and vegetable juices - soybean, coconut, goat's milk - fresh herbs and spices - fish, chicken, turkey (baked, broiled or steamed is best) - nuts (raw, unsalted) - sun dried fruits e.g. raisins, prunes - tubers and root crops (yams, potatoes, cassavas) - not more than 3 eggs per week.

CUT DOWN on Sodas (diet or regular) - Alcoholic beverages (rum, wine, beer, stout malt etc.) Salt - Condiments (black pepper, MSG, white vinegar, meat seasonings) - Fats (margarine, shortening, lard, fats from meats) - Beef, beef organs, pork products - Roasted nuts (especially peanuts). Raw nuts are great. Eat smaller portions of - Dairy milk (regular, skimmed, powdered milk, condensed, evaporated) - Cheese, yogurt, ice cream.

When preparing foods, combine as suggested following the Fit For Life method. With proper combinations the body performs more efficiently and you will have more energy.

Have 2 of your daily meals raw. If this is difficult, try it for 2 or 3 days of the week until your are comfortable. (Fruits are cleansers of the body while vegetables are builders).
Breakfast: 3 or more fruits; allow 3-4 hours for digestion.
Lunch: vegetables and 1 starch; allow 4-5 hours for digestion.
Dinner: vegetable, (raw, stir fried or steamed) and 1 type of protein (e.g. chicken or fish) Do not mix starch with this combination. Allow 8 hours for digestion.

Chew your food properly, especially starches. This helps to activate the enzymes needed for proper digestion.

Do not drink liquids while eating. This will dilute your digestive juices and interfere with proper digestion.

Eat only when hungry and do not overeat. Do not add salt, black pepper or sugar to your foods. Do not eat fried or fatty foods. Drink at least 8 glasses of pure fluids per day. Water, fruit juice or vegetable juice to which no sugar or milk has been added. Eat watermelon as a meal by itself. Do not add other fruits or foods. It has an alkaline effect on the body, flushes the kidneys and is easily digested.


Anything we have and do not use we are sure to lose. This statement applies equally to our physical bodies as well as our mental faculties.

A regular exercise program is essential for everyone because the more you challenge your mind and body, the better they will serve you. We simply function better if we exercise regularly and pay attention to our body, mind, soul and spirit.

Select the exercise activities best suited to your situation and make a habit of doing them. Repetition is the key and fun is the name of the game. If walking is your choice, make it a time of pleasure and renewal. Do what comes naturally. If swimming is your choice, enjoy it. If the gym satisfies your needs, go to the gym.

Take pleasure in doing stress free activities around the house. Be up and about for the sheer joy of it.


Self-appreciation is the most important practice to develop. Know that you are the best physical, emotional and spiritual person that life is expressing right now.

Accept yourself as the direct offspring of a perfect Creator and as such, you are perfect and whole. Take full responsibility for what you feel, think, say, believe and accept about yourself. Build your self-image on your spiritual foundation alone and anchor yourself fully in your Creator as your only source.

As you decide to become conscious of how you breathe, how you talk to yourself, what you eat and your exercise program, you are practicing the infallible formula for healthy living.

You are not your mistakes. There is no guilt or shame you need to carry. If you knew better you would have done better. No one can put you down but yourself. It is important to understand that irrespective of where you have been or what you have done, you are still life’s best gift to itself.

Begin to shine exactly where you are and exactly as you are. Work on being the best YOU that you can possibly be but accept the YOU that exists in the now moment. All faults that you attach to yourself belong to your Creator as well. All attributes ascribed to your Creator are yours by right of your natural heritage.

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