Having a clear vision and purpose for living is the most rewarding experience any one can have. This is essential to the other four natural principles on which our lives run. The clearer our goals or purposes in life, the more satisfying and meaningful our lives will be. Such activities as eating, sleeping, drinking and carrying out natural reproductive functions demonstrate a Divine order.

PURPOSE is, however, a conscious human enterprise based on appetites, decisions and choices. Purpose is like the steering wheel of our lives and when we act without clear ones, we often have mishaps, accidents or even apparent tragedies.

Your chosen purpose may be to fulfill a personal ambition, raise a family, follow a noble cause, or serve a human interest. Whatsoever your decision may be, it will flow from your beliefs and sense of self. Identity is the creator of purposes. The most important step we can therefore make in life is to have a clear picture of ourselves and our purpose.

Your inner world is one of thoughts, feelings, images, sounds, dreams and desires. It is through this panoramic landscape that we give birth to our everyday life. By nature we are creative and so all conditions, environments and experiences in our lives are the direct result of our prevailing mind-set and viewpoints. Our mind-set depends upon what we habitually focus on. It is no secret therefore, that our health, financial success, love, accomplishments and happiness depend upon the composition of our inner world. The world around us is a reflection of our inner world. In this respect much gathers more and loss leads to greater loss.

Since our 3D reality is only a reflection of the real – the inner world, it is important to spend time cultivating nurturing thoughts, positive feelings and great dreams. It is by being in this Kingdom of the Heavens not by searching for it, that we secure ourselves in the world around us – ‘what you think you are, you become’. You already have everything that you could possibly need NOW for living a prosperous life, but many of us are not aware of this.

All gain is the result of right thinking. All loss is the result of negative thought patterns and shallow breathing practices which lead to doubts, fears, anxiety and eventually loss. We are magnetic energy systems vibrating at either a positive or negative charge. With every breath, thought, feeling and emotion we create a mirror effect in physicality.

Everything your eye can see is made up of energy, which is under your control from your inner vantage point. It is what is in your mind that is always being outpictured. Your inner world causes a change in the energy field around you and it ripples back in reaction. Do not dwell in the past or live in the future. Your only creative moment is now. If you have a clear vision, fertile imagination and understanding faith, you can create grand results. To change your life, change your inner world. In the book ‘A Happy Pocket Full of Money’ it is said that ‘Life is images of the mind expressed’.

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